Arizona Section

AZ Not Buying IT (2)“The work of NCJW’s Arizona membership symbolizes the mission of the National Council of Jewish Women to advocate on behalf of women, children, and families and to advance social and economic justice. We are extremely proud of their efforts throughout the state to combat sex trafficking, especially their work to mobilize support around the 2015 Super Bowl.” -NCJW Inc. President Debbie Hoffmann

The Arizona Section of NCJW has been working to change laws that impact exploitation of women and children in order to help end abuse, harassment, and violence. The section offers direct services to existing anti-trafficking organizations, helping women, children and families, as well as advocating on behalf of changes to laws and policies that will strengthen efforts to assist trafficking survivors.

With Phoenix as the Super Bowl XLIX host, Arizona Section decided to focus its energy and resources on reducing sex trafficking in the greater metropolitan Phoenix area during the fall and winter of 2014-2015, lending their support and action to the City of Phoenix’s Taskforce on Sex Trafficking. Arizona section then continued with an education and fundraising luncheon that drew new members. Members have been mobilized to participate in other anti-trafficking efforts, ranging from an anti-trafficking road race to an educational event geared to preteen girls and their mothers. NCJW in Arizona continues to expand its networking and plan future activities that tackle trafficking and violence against women and girls.