March 13, 2016

Elections 2016: What’s At Stake For Women Issue Workshops 3:15 PM ET  -  6:00 PM ET Elections 2016: What’s At Stake For Women Issue Workshops

Elections 2016: What’s At Stake For Women Issue Workshops

3:15-4:30 PM ET Attend one Issue Workshop

4:45-6:00 PM ET Workshops repeat, attend another

Workshops include:

Sex Trafficking: The Importance of Safe Harbor Laws
Rather than caring for trafficked children, many states across the country prosecute them for prostitution and send them to juvenile detention. Safe Harbor laws recognize that trafficked children are victims, not criminals, and ensure access to medical care, safe housing, remedial education, and counseling. Learn what’s at stake for child sex trafficking survivors, and how to introduce, pass, or strengthen a Safe Harbor law in your state.

Reproductive Health: Getting Proactive for Abortion Coverage
The 1973 US Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in the United States. But, just three years later, Congress authorized the Hyde Amendment, denying health coverage for abortion to women enrolled in Medicaid. Today, the reproductive health, rights, and justice movement is getting proactive to lift Hyde and similar bans that deny abortion coverage. Learn more about the impact of the Hyde Amendment, what’s at stake for already marginalized communities, and strategies to achieve abortion coverage for all.

Religious Liberty: RFRA 101 and Implications/Threats at Federal and State Levels in a Post-Hobby Lobby World
In 1993, NCJW supported the enactment of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), federal legislation designed to safeguard religious liberty. But in recent years, this law has been used in unintended, harmful ways — to use religion to discriminate. Hear from experts about the basics of RFRA, the federal and state policy landscape in light of recent and anticipated Supreme Court rulings, and what’s at stake for individual religious liberty, reproductive freedom, and basic civil rights.

LGBTQ Equality: Beyond Marriage – Still Seeking Basic Rights
Though the hard-won US Supreme Court victory for marriage equality was nothing less than historic, it was but one of many achievements needed to ensure full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and gender nonconforming, and queer (LGBTQ) individuals. Since this win, many advocates have coalesced around the Equality Act, new federal nondiscrimination legislation. Using this bill as a starting point, speakers will explore its implications on LGBTQ individuals’ lives, what gaps remain, and what’s at stake for full equality and freedom for LGBTQ communities.

Immigration: DACA/DAPA
President Obama’s 2014 executive action expanded the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program for youth who came to the United States as children and launched a new Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA) program to allow certain undocumented parents of US citizens and parents of lawful permanent residents protection from deportation. Subsequent court blockage of implementation led to the US Supreme Court’s decision to hear the case this term. And in the states and municipalities, bills are being introduced and passed that range from advancing to attacking immigrant rights. Join experts to learn what’s at stake for millions of immigrants and their families whose lives hang in the balance.

Gun Violence Prevention
Last year was one of the deadliest years on record, with an estimated 90 lives taken each day by firearms. Yet Congress refuses to act, and states are considering ways to arm more people through open carry proposals, particularly in schools and on college campuses. Learn what’s at stake for gun violence prevention efforts in 2016 and what you can do to keep your communities safe.

Economic Justice: Paid Leave
Paid leave —to deal with a serious personal or family illness, or to care for a new child— is something everyone will need at some point in their lives, but few will have access to. Join experts to learn what’s at stake for paid leave at the federal, state, and municipal levels.

Civil Rights: Criminal Justice Reform Overview
The call to reform our criminal justice system is gaining traction as prisons swell, police tactics make national news, and the school to prison pipeline becomes increasingly entrenched. Learn what’s at stake for criminal justice reform, and the state and federal policies needed to make it a reality.