MIchelle Erenberg, New Orleans Section

2016 Outstanding Advocate for Social Change: Michelle Erenberg Greater (New Orleans) “Everyone who can, should vote. That is the least that we can do. But the true test of our citizenship is how well we stay engaged and how often we stand up as advocates for the issues that matter most to us. NCJW has given me the chance to educate and mobilize our members; to give them the tools to become advocates. As SPA for Louisiana, I look forward to strengthening NCJW’s ability to move policy in the direction of social justice in a way that serves our members and our community. The pursuit of tikkun olam motivates me every day.” –Michelle Erenberg

Michelle Erenberg joined NCJW after her involvement in a Planned Parenthood event cosponsored with NCJW. She notes that, “It was an amazing revelation to find an organization that allowed me the opportunity to combine my passion for policy and advocacy with my Jewish values.” She first held office in NCJW a year later and now serves as vice president of the NCJW New Orleans section and as NCJW’s Louisiana State Policy Advocate.

“Michelle Erenberg’s exemplary work epitomizes the mission of the NCJW — to advocate on behalf of women, children, and families and to preserve individual rights and freedoms,” said NCJW President Debbie Hoffman. “We are extremely proud of Michelle’s leadership on a broad variety of issues of concern to NCJW and the larger community, from reproductive rights to Gulf Coast recovery post-Katrina.”  –NCJW, Inc. President Debbie Hoffmann

Erenberg’s organizing skills have greatly advanced the effectiveness of NCJW’s Louisiana membership in advocating for women, children, and families at the local and state level. She has represented NCJW in a variety of other coalitions, lobbying efforts, and educational events. Summarizing the motivation for her work, she says that merely voting is not enough — “The true test of our citizenship is how well we stay engaged and how often we stand up as advocates for the issues that matter most to us.”

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