Sensational Speaker Line-up

From voting rights to judicial nominations to reproductive justice, and from religious liberty to racism to economic inequality: the issues we care about are at stake in the 2016 elections!

Director of Public Policy
Ninth Congressional District of Illinois
National Political Reporter
National Political Correspondent
Social Action Awardee
Social Action Awardee
Executive Director
Senior Editor
Board Member and Advocacy Chair
Lawyer and Policy Advocate
Vice President and Inspector General
Founder and Executive Director
Director of Community Engagement and Learning
Co-State Policy Advocacy Chair
Vice President Government Relations
Senior Politics Editor
Outstanding Advocate Awardee
Enduring Advocate Awardee
Domestic Program Senior Associate
Director of Partnerships
Director of Federal Affairs and Partnerships
Americans for Responsible Solutions
Woman Who Dared Awardee
Executive Director
Jews for Racial & Economic Justice
President and CEO
The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
Executive Director
Vice President, National Partnership for Women & Families